Another Life Saved!

One of our clients has saved another life!

On 19th July 2011 in the evening, after 4 minutes under water, the victim was pulled out and CPR applied with 5 cycles of 30:2 compression:ventilation ( approximately 2 minutes ), until the AED was brought to the victim’s side and started analysing.

Here is the screenshot of the initial ECG reading..

2 minutes later, the AED analysed the victim again and here is the strip..

The first application of the AED showed that the victim’s heart was in sinus rhythm ( normal ), but his heart rate was slow. With further perfusion of the heart via CPR, his adrenaline kicked in and his heart rate rose.

In my opinion, either the victim’s heart was in ventricular fibrillation (VF) and then converted to sinus rhythm just with good CPR technique before the AED was applied, or he was about to go into VF. But either way, it was quick recovery from the water and good CPR technique that saved this life.

So our AED worked wonderfully by advising “No Shock Advised”.

Another client had the experience of saving a life recently too. The story can be found HERE.

Kudos to our clients!

Thursday, July 21st, 2011 News

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