Loss of a Bright Child

Nur Aisyah Ismail, a secondary one student from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, had collapsed early yesterday morning according to a Berita Harian news report. She had been running the 2.4 km run presumably during morning P.E when she collapsed and went into a short fit before losing consciousness.

Nur Aisyah Ismail

A call every mum dreads
Her mother, Madam Juriah Ahamad said that she got the fateful call at 8.46am while she was still having her breakfast. The teacher in charge had conveyed the news of her daughter’s condition and informed her that they had also called for an ambulance.

Before she was able to recover from the shock, the school called a second time, this time to inform her that the paramedics were unable to discern her daughter’s pulse and that her breathing had stopped.

She and her husband then rushed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where her daughter was sent too. She told Berita Harian how she was hopeful as she knew her daughter was a fighter and had a strong will to live.

A birthday tragedy
Unfortunately, doctors were unable to revive Nur Aisyah who passed away in the hospital. She had just turned 13, that very day itself and would have celebrated the joyous event with her family and twin brother.

Her father, Mr Ismail Adan, recounted how he and his wife had planned to get their children pizza and a chocolate cake as a birthday surprise along with a birthday card written in Malay that translates to: “To my special children…We are forever thankful to God for blessing our lives with the two of you…Love you very much.”

The parents are shattered and at a loss as to how this happened especially since their daughter is both active and has no history of illness.

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