Our Services

Site Assessment

Analysis of site for number and locations of devices.

Onsite CPR/AED training

Training provide on premises via accreditated training centres.

Quality Assurance

Implementation of medical response documentation protocol.

Medical Direction

Reviewing and approving guidelines for medical emergency response plans related to use of AEDs and CPR.
Evaluation of post-event review forms and data downloaded from the AED.
Liason with Civil Defence Force and victim’s principal physician in tertiary hospital.

Post Event Review

Counseling, incident debriefing and recommendations for improvement.

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Hasnan Bin Saadan
July 17, 2012

Do you need to be a certified AED user before you are allowed to use AED. I mean you have to go for a CPR&AED course before you are qualified.

October 9, 2012

Hi Hansolo, it depends on where are you located. In Japan for example, the government allows anyone who is trained in CPR to use any AED. This is because the AED is so easy to use. On other countries, the government encourages the public to go for AED training.

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