Lost Opportunity when AED not Used, so Potentially Liable

A defibrillator was 30 feet away from the 15-year old who died last weekend while playing a pickup basketball game. An autopsy revealed Antwon Whitehead died of heart failure after collapsing on the court at Carver High School on Saturday afternoon.

Georgia state law requires defibrillators in every public school. Carver High School’s is located in the training room next to the gym. The law only requires schools to have one, it doesn’t require people to use it in certain situations.

There were two coaches present when Whitehead collapsed on the side of the court. One of them performed CPR on Whitehead.

The Director of Athletics at Muscogee County School District, Dr. Gary Gibson says the coaches followed protocol.

“It’s not an easy call,” says Gibson. “These coaches first mindset is, if I can do the CPR, this is what I’ve always done, I’m comfortable with it, and so that’s what they go to.”

Defibrillators have only been in public schools since 2009 so they haven’t necessarily been at the top of everyone’s mind, especially in high-stress situations. Officials are working with schools to educate and raise awareness about the presence of the defibrillators and how to use them.

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A Sports Icon and Father of 6 Dies

He was only 41 years old. His youngest child is less than a month old.

We can prevent this, if only we put our hearts and minds to this public health issue.

Late Mr Abdul Kadir Ibrahim


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One More Family Grieves

During my rounds, I attended to a patient by the name of Mr L.

He is 57 years old, a father of a 10 year old girl, with no prior medical condition.

According to his wife, he was working late till approximately 1am at home because he tends to stay up late as the next day is a Sunday.

Past 5am, his wife heard him gasping for air during his sleep. Because he was not responsive, the ambulance was called.

They arrived past 6am. 2 shocks were delivered before return of a pulse. However, by this time, he was already down for 45 minutes.

In the hospital after head scans, he was diagnosed with hypoxia-induced encephalopathy, aka brain damage from lack of oxygen.

He is now bed-bound with contractures, needs a tube for feeding, on adult diapers with a large sacral sore the size of a adult fist.

His wife was asking for my opinion on the Do-Not-Resuscitate orders for her husband, because she cannot bear to see him suffer any longer. He has been in this state for half a year already.

If only someone can reach him within the first few minutes with an automated external defibrillator (AED), it will surely give him a better fighting chance.

This someone WILL NOT have a duty-of-care to this father/husband in the capacity as a volunteer, unlike another victim of an incident whom I had attended to before.

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Memorial Fund set up for Late Professor after Sudden Cardiac Death

Let’s try to make this a thing of the past.

Late Prof Ma Jan


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More Facts to Save Lives

More facts, from the UK. Facts from the USA can be found in an earlier post.


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Beloved Hawker Icon Dies

Well-known hawker Andrew Lim Seng Ann (above) was at his stall at Bedok Food Centre greeting the long line of customers with his usual “hello brother” and “hello sister” last Thursday.

Andrew Lim Seng Ann the Deceased

Then the 58-year-old owner of the popular Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng stall suddenly collapsed and died of a heart attack.

Mr Lim’s death came as a blow to his many loyal customers, who said they would miss his cheng tng as well as his good-natured character.

His death comes soon after another local hawker legend, Mr Thomas Ng Ba Eng (left), of the famous Eng’s Noodle House, died of a heart attack on June 17 at the age of 71.


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Another Mother Grieving

A life saving device wasn’t working at the Normandy School District, and a mother says that’s why her son is dead.

15-year-old Marquez Oliver died last month after being punched in the chest at Normandy High School while playing around with his friend.

According to the police report, the automatic defibrillator did not work when school officials tried to use it in the moments following Oliver’s collapse.

Oliver’s mother, Jackie Johnson says she’s left searching for answers, and believes her son should still be alive.

“As a parent, it hurts to know that they are still going to work every day and my son will never come home,” she said.

According to the police report, Oliver had a pulse but was unconscious. Before paramedics arrived, school officials tried using an AED to resuscitate him only to discover it wasn’t functional.

Johnson says she wants the person responsible for maintaining the device held accountable.

“Justice,” she said. “I would like to see justice.”

The district has been silent on the matter.

Schools in Missouri are not required by law to have AED devices. Just 15 states are mandated to have them.

Even as she grieves, Johnson said she had to speak out.

“This was my child, it could have been anyone else’s child,” she said. “We’ll never know what he could have been.”

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Loss of a Bright Child

Nur Aisyah Ismail, a secondary one student from Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, had collapsed early yesterday morning according to a Berita Harian news report. She had been running the 2.4 km run presumably during morning P.E when she collapsed and went into a short fit before losing consciousness.

Nur Aisyah Ismail

A call every mum dreads
Her mother, Madam Juriah Ahamad said that she got the fateful call at 8.46am while she was still having her breakfast. The teacher in charge had conveyed the news of her daughter’s condition and informed her that they had also called for an ambulance.

Before she was able to recover from the shock, the school called a second time, this time to inform her that the paramedics were unable to discern her daughter’s pulse and that her breathing had stopped.

She and her husband then rushed to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital where her daughter was sent too. She told Berita Harian how she was hopeful as she knew her daughter was a fighter and had a strong will to live.

A birthday tragedy
Unfortunately, doctors were unable to revive Nur Aisyah who passed away in the hospital. She had just turned 13, that very day itself and would have celebrated the joyous event with her family and twin brother.

Her father, Mr Ismail Adan, recounted how he and his wife had planned to get their children pizza and a chocolate cake as a birthday surprise along with a birthday card written in Malay that translates to: “To my special children…We are forever thankful to God for blessing our lives with the two of you…Love you very much.”

The parents are shattered and at a loss as to how this happened especially since their daughter is both active and has no history of illness.

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Presentation of Crowdsav to People’s Association Emergency Preparedness Division


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Another Family Grieves

In my rounds recently, I attended to a patient who I will name Mr S.

He is 46 years old, a father of 2 school-going children.

3 months ago, he was playing street soccer with his colleague at a company-organised game, when after a second round of play, he collapsed by the court.

He was attended to immediately by the private ambulance paramedics on duty at that time.

According to his colleagues, the paramedics thought they felt a pulse, and they also thought he was breathing. But he was still unconscious.

On the way to hospital, the colleague who was accompanying him found the paramedics performing CPR on Mr S. No mention of any use of any AED or defibrillator of any kind.

Any now he is bed-bound, un-communicative, prone to contractures, and has to be fed via a tube through his nostrils.

So what went wrong here?

I have written a topic on this, and even had it published in our local press.

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