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Hooray! Another Life Saved!

On 3rd November 2011 at 12:12pm, one of our clients responded to a an apparent case of “seizure”. Upon arrival to the victims side, he was found to be unresponsive with some foaming at the mouth. Although checking of pulse of not needed now in the guidelines, being veterans of life saving, they checked it anyway and found none. They immediately switched on the AED and applied the pads.

This is the first ECG analysed just after applying the electrode pads :

The large spike shows the shock that is delivered to the victim. The following ECG strip shows that his heart came back to normal rhythm :

They then continued CPR just as the AED prompted them to. At the next AED analysis, this was recorded :

This tells us that his heart rate is about 6 times a minute. His blood pressure is definitely low. The AED still prompted them to perform CPR, which they did.

At the next analysis, this is what was recorded :

His heart rate is now approximately 100 beats per minute!

After this time, the emergency ambulance arrived. The victim started waking up as they stretched him into the vehicle.

Kudos to our client!

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Another Life Saved!

One of our clients has saved another life!

On 19th July 2011 in the evening, after 4 minutes under water, the victim was pulled out and CPR applied with 5 cycles of 30:2 compression:ventilation ( approximately 2 minutes ), until the AED was brought to the victim’s side and started analysing.

Here is the screenshot of the initial ECG reading..

2 minutes later, the AED analysed the victim again and here is the strip..

The first application of the AED showed that the victim’s heart was in sinus rhythm ( normal ), but his heart rate was slow. With further perfusion of the heart via CPR, his adrenaline kicked in and his heart rate rose.

In my opinion, either the victim’s heart was in ventricular fibrillation (VF) and then converted to sinus rhythm just with good CPR technique before the AED was applied, or he was about to go into VF. But either way, it was quick recovery from the water and good CPR technique that saved this life.

So our AED worked wonderfully by advising “No Shock Advised”.

Another client had the experience of saving a life recently too. The story can be found HERE.

Kudos to our clients!

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First Documented Life Saved by Our Client



On 14th September 2008, one of our training partners responded to a collapsed man on an event in the newly completed Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was commenced first. On their ambulance was the essential automated external defibrillator (AED) that they used on this man.

A total of 3 shocks were given to this man.

The man was described to have turned blue before the device was applied. After the 3rd shock, he slowly turned pink right before their eyes!

Exact Moment of Life Saved in KPE 092008

Exact Moment of Life Saved in KPE 092008

The man was then loaded into their ambulance and droved him to the nearby Changi General Hospital. It took them 32 minutes to reach the hospital, a duration that would be certain death for this man if the AED was not used on him.

The AED device had recorded the actual events which unfolded as the rescue was in progress. The reading here is the exact time that this man’s heart was converted from ventricular fibrillation to sinus rhythm. In the next few readings, the rhythm quickened in pace and became more regular. All this occurred while he was transported in our training partner’s ambulance without any infusion or drugs.

The man was subsequently transferred to the National Heart Centre from Changi General Hospital and is currently recovering. We wish him all the best!

This is what we wish to duplicate should any of our family members, friends or neighbours fall victim to such unfortunate incidents. To save our families and friends so that they can continue to be with us.

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