One More Family Grieves

During my rounds, I attended to a patient by the name of Mr L.

He is 57 years old, a father of a 10 year old girl, with no prior medical condition.

According to his wife, he was working late till approximately 1am at home because he tends to stay up late as the next day is a Sunday.

Past 5am, his wife heard him gasping for air during his sleep. Because he was not responsive, the ambulance was called.

They arrived past 6am. 2 shocks were delivered before return of a pulse. However, by this time, he was already down for 45 minutes.

In the hospital after head scans, he was diagnosed with hypoxia-induced encephalopathy, aka brain damage from lack of oxygen.

He is now bed-bound with contractures, needs a tube for feeding, on adult diapers with a large sacral sore the size of a adult fist.

His wife was asking for my opinion on the Do-Not-Resuscitate orders for her husband, because she cannot bear to see him suffer any longer. He has been in this state for half a year already.

If only someone can reach him within the first few minutes with an automated external defibrillator (AED), it will surely give him a better fighting chance.

This someone WILL NOT have a duty-of-care to this father/husband in the capacity as a volunteer, unlike another victim of an incident whom I had attended to before.

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